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Mobile treatment plants

Mobile treatment plants
  • Sometimes a mobile, rapidly available or particularly space-saving solution for wastewater treatment is sought. This is one of our specialties: fast and flexible we can offer on stock a mobile container wastewater treatment plant with biofilm process (SFBBR-plant).
    Our system, reliable since 30 years, was developed and tested in cooperation with the Emschergenossenschaft, Essen and the Technical University of Munich in Germany: Our biofilm treatment plant is flexible, self-regulating without complicated sludge and process control.Because of the sophisticated fixed bed cascade process, the sewage system is consistent with strict design requirements of the German State of the art, the German Water Association Worksheet DWA-A-222 and A-281. It offers a much smaller-scale solution than other comparable systems. A single container cleans the wastewater of up to 850 PE. The modular design of multiple containers can be economically combined up to a capacity of 5000 PE.

    Our compact purification system satisfies all required properties of aerobic Biofilm process: structure and arrangement of the biofilm carrier and the arrangement of the diffusors are perfectly matched and make sure that air bubbles can flow out upwards to avois clogging. The optimized surface of the special grid tubes is perfect for biological colonization and ensure optimum flow conditions in vertical and horizontal directions.The ventilation processes have been optimized to the requirements arising from aeration, mixing and sludge discharge. They also allow an energy-saving, intermittent aeration or the different compartments (cascades). The reactor is made of stainless steel for long term use and maximum resistance against aggressive media. The turnkey, durable plant is fully equipped with all pumps and aggregates. It does not require  additional on-site storage, buffers, etc.

    Your advantages - Mobile Waste Water Treatment plant of ENVIMAC:

    For temporary or permanent use
    Complete, including all pumps and aggregates: primary treatment, secondary clarification,  biology, everything is included.
    equires only 12 x 4 meters
    Worldwide shipping,
    Immediate availability
    Quality proven by an official test report

    Suitable for

    Municipal and domestic waste water from 50 to 850 PE with only one container
    Commercial and industrial wastewater to 2,500 population equivalents or 3.5 m³ / h
    Crises and Disaster Areas
    Camps , refugee Camps, construction sites
    Downstream treatment of anaerobic treated wastewater



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