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For more than 25 years ENVIMAC is specializing in the design,production and maintenance of components and turnkey plants for process industry and environmental protection. State-of-the-art engineering technology, combined with our experience in plant and apparatus design and manufacture as well as the production of components, enables us to provide sophisticated, tailor-made solutions of high quality to suit your individual requirements.

Within the ENVIMAC group ENVIMAC WATER forms a customer-oriented department with specialists to develop individual waste solutions even in difficult cases.
Sewage Technology is more than the sum of individual components: It is based on the senseful use of chemical, physical and biological processes. This requires comprehensive knowledge in all areas. Therefore ENVIMAC WATER offers them sophisticated solutions based on the long experience. Our team of experts with engineers, chemists and biologists, is closely linked to the current research activities and cooperates with various universities in the field of environmental protection.
ENVIMAC WATER has particularly specialized in biofilm systems that operate with submerged growth surfaces. We call it Submerged Fixed Bed Biofilm Reactor (SFBBR)
Biofilm systems enable colonization by Biocoenosis requiring long generation times and are capable to decompose problematic substances. This allows the reduction even of "inert COD".
A high specific surface of our carrier material allows small scale units and can be used efficiently. Our submerged biofilm process can be operated continuously as an activated sludge process, or like an Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR). They are suitable for municipal wastewater as well as for the purification of industrial wastewater, which is a particular focus of our company.
Another focus is the recovery of valuable products from waste water, waste gas, digestate and manure. For more than 25 years we provide various proven technologies, allowing to design a n economically and technical feasable solution.
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