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Dairy production process

The discharge from a diary has let to problems due to overload of the local STP and let to the formation of bulk sludge. The industrial wastewater contains a lot of fat. The wastewater should be pretreated bevor entering the municipal sewer system. The Influent contents an average COD of about 3600 mg/l with a BOD5 of about 2000 mg/l The inflow per hour was 1,5 m³ with a daily BOD5-load of 28,8 kg per day. The Treatment with an ENVIMAC SFBBR-Reactor operated with a very high BOD-surface load of 18,3 g BOD/d*m² produces since 10 years an effluent with COD values below 1000 mg/l.

Oil recycling plant

Waste water from an oil-recycling plant has been treated upstream. The design values have been determined with a mobile container system which has been incorporated later into the final project. In compensation of the old, inefficient Activated Sludge System the drain water from a fuel depot is treated since 16 years with an ENVIMAC SFBBR System. Considerably less space and only 10% of former operating costs have been realized. The discharge flows into a river, achieving the strict discharge consent conditions of the German authorities. The effluent has a COD less than 100 mg/l and a BOD less than 8 mg/l in average with degradation rates higher than 90% of the influent. The results indicate the parameter conditions under which SFBBR systems can be reliable used in the long term with this type industrial waste water.

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